Crystal Digging in Montgomery Country, Arkansas

Crystal Mining - Wide Angle

Wide angle view of one of the active quartz crystal mines 

There are many quartz crystal mines here in Montgomery County that allow visitors to mine. Most crystal mines charge by the day or ½ day and allow you to keep everything that you find. These mines are in very rural areas and for the most part are lacking facilities.  You will need to bring something to eat and drink and be sure to dress appropriately. You may want to bring your own digging tools and something to carry your newly found crystals home in.

If you are not so adventurous, quartz crystals can be purchased from the local rock shops that line the major highways in the county. Many people believe in the healing power of the “quartz crystal rocks” and Montgomery Country is a wonderful source. Montgomery County is located West of Hot Springs on Highway 270 East. If you visit Hot Springs, be sure to detour and visit us.

6 thoughts on “Crystal Digging in Montgomery Country, Arkansas

  1. We had a wonderful time digging for crystal in Montgomery County! We HIGHLY recommend “Gee and Dee’s” and “Sweet Surrender” two of the mines we spent time at. Dee and Becky took the time to show us how to look and what to look for. If any of you are interested in the metaphysical, these gals are kindred spirits…and that Dee…what a hoot!!! We are already making plans for a return trip with more of our like-minded friends! Thanks for the GREAT time!!!

  2. Where is Gee & Dee’s, I’m headed up there this coming week and would love to dig there!

    My husband an I visited Sweet Surrender while we were in town and had a BLAST. We came home with a 5 gal bucket full of crystals and quarts rocks.
    I had no idea what I was looking for and had some trouble developing the “Eye” for crystals so I got a lot of help from Becky. Becky was very informative and has a great sense of humor- she made digging fun. The crystals are very clear and beautiful. We found single crystals that were jewelry size and some that were four inches long and 1 ¾ inch in diameter. We also found some great clusters with multiple clear perfectly formed crystals. I would suggest that you wear boots and jeans. Once you find the first crystal the adrenalin kicks in and you will be down on both knees digging or climbing around like a mountain goat! Can’t wait to do it again!

  4. My grandson and I came to the area specifically to look for crystals. We went to Fiddler’s Ridge the first day and found a large number of varying grades. It was fun and extremely productive. Today was our second day out. We happened to go into Atlantis Found in Mt. Ida at Routes 7 and 270. This experience with the owner, Larry Teske proved to be the highlight of our trip. Larry is incredibly generous with his crystal knowledge. He is also friendly without being pushy. We left his store with a map and many different leads. He definitely has some of the most unusual crystals and mineral displays. So for a genuine adventure into the world of crystals, seek out this very special place, made that way by its owner. We can go back to Texas now, content and thrilled.

  5. Gee and Dee’s crystal mine was wonderful- Gee showed us where and how to find crystals; he is a sweetheart! We found a BEAUTIFUL large crystal cluster there and he told us how to clean it, too! Highly recommend them!!

  6. Our crystal healing group from the Dallas area came to town this last weekend to dig for crystals and found a second home at Gee and Dee’s Mine. We were treated like family by the pair, and were thrilled to find crystals in abundance for our choosing. Dee was an excellent digging companion, and we were lucky to have not rolled off the mountain with laughter at her stories and suggestions. Gee was always nearby digging up new spots for us to sift through and being generally very helpful and kind. We had a nice picnic lunch there on a table they set up for us, and we had a hard time leaving when it was time to go. We will surely come back as soon as we are able, and tell as many others as we can about the wonderful time we had at Gee and Dee’s!

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