Shopping here in Montgomery Country, Arkansas

There are several places to shop here in the country.

There are lots of great quartz crystal shops scattered around the county.
Where did you shop and what did you purchase?

46 thoughts on “Shopping here in Montgomery Country, Arkansas

  1. Atlantis Found! Gifts and Garden Center, located in Mt. Ida, corner of 27 and 270, has the perfect gift or plants just for the someone special in your life.

    At the garden center, they have a great selection of plants along with a new consignment section of antiques, flea and a consignment shop. Or just go next door that has a wide variety of crystals, jewelry, paintings/pictures, along with several great gifts for even the young at heart.

    Atlantis Found! Gardens & Gifts is opened 7 days a week, winter hours 10ap – 6pm, spring/summer hours 10am – 7pm. Larry and Rae are very knowledgable about the plants, shrubs, and trees that they have in their garden center. Every customer that enters their store(s) are treated with courtous along with the knowledge of taking care of the plants that are purchased.

    Stop in and visit Atlantis Found! Gardens & Gifts.

  2. I always stop by the square in Mount Ida and check out Splendid Splinters for hand made, one of a kind art.


  3. There are other great shopping venues in Mount Ida. There is a Second hand shop on West street that uses the profits to help the elderly at the nursing home. And there is a great antique shop on the square. Dont miss these two!!

  4. As cheeseheads on vacation in Arkansas, we stopped at Atlantis Found! to spend some time (and money) and discovered that the owners were originally from Wisconsin. We enjoyed the gift shop and could see by the size of the garden shop that the area enjoys a MUCH longer growing season than what we have in Wisconsin. Don’t miss it!

  5. We visited Arkansas to find crystals to use in my Gourd Art projects. After spending a few days digging for crystals we decided to visit some local shops to see what else we could find. The selection of crystals, gem stones and fossils at Atlantis Found was wonderful. They have items that are ready to display or give as gifts and they have items that are in a more natural state that you can that you can give your own personal touch. The staff is very knowledgeable about the different gems and crystals and could also offer tips on the care and finishing of the stones. It is a long drive from St Louis, but we are already planning our next trip!

  6. Atlantis Found! Super! Larry is so knowledgable and helpful on rocks and minerals. It is wonderful. When you purchase an item, he has a card with the history, properties…about that item for you to take with you. We were in several times over the four days we were in Mt. Ida. Larry was always so helpful and patient. Thank you Larry!

  7. Atlantis Found crystal shop is owned by one of the nicest people you are likely to meet anywhere – Larry helped us with recommendations on lodging and dig-your-own-crystals mines, as well as showing us the remarkable collection of rocks/ minerals/ crystals in his shop. We had a delightful vacation in Mount Ida thanks to him!!

  8. We were vacationing in Hot Springs and decided to take a leisurely drive on west 270. On the way back, we stopped by Atlantis Found! to check out the rock and gift shop, since our young son has become a budding rockhound. There is a nice selection of interesting rock, mineral and crystal specimens, and you get a great info card for each one that you purchase. Larry is very friendly, eager to answer questions, and share his knowledge. He also wraps your purchases very well; our things arrived home in perfect condition. We will definitely be back to shop at Atlantis Found! the next time we are in the area.

  9. We visited Atlantis Found yesterday,loved the store,spent an hour looking a gem stones,salesperson was great . We really recommend anyone visiting the area to take the time to stop at the store.They will not regret it!

  10. We decided to take a different way home to Eureka Springs from our visit to Hot Springs and discovered a treasure trove of goodies at Atlantis Found. I am so glad we took a detour thru Mt Ida and stopped at this store.

    I wish we had a truck to bring back some of the plants, but we did bring back several gems and crystals. Larry (I think) was a great teacher of the gemstones and fossils and was a delight to listen to his explanations. Will definately stop by the next time in the area. Thank you Larry for you time.

  11. I just enjoyed my first visit to “mine” for crystals and stopped in the Atlantis Found shop upon leaving the area. Never have I felt so welcome; the gentleman there shared cleaning information regarding my crystal finds…. I even telephoned him after returning to Georgia as I had forgotten the instructions… and was told exactly what to do. He had wonderful gift items in the shop but his friendliness, (and that of his assistant) was the biggest asset. Stopping at the ATLANTIS FOUND shop is a must when in the area.

  12. On the second day I was in Mt. Ida I stopped at Atlantis Found to look at crystals. The stones are beautiful. During my stay I returned to Atlantis several times to look at stones; purchase stones; and, talk about stones. Larry has sincere interest and respect for his trade. His stories and information are fantastic. I visited Larry and Rae’s shop area next door and found some fun and useful items. The garden center is delightful. The plants are thriving! Larry and Rae have made a wonderful oasis to visit.

  13. My friend and I spent the weekend of Aug.8th at the Jim Coleman mine and on our way back to Dallas,TX we stopped at this lovely shop called Atlantis Found! Larry was incredibly generous with his knowledge and his time. We learned alot from him and were able to share some things with him as well. He has a great respect for the crystals and it shows in how he handles them when wrapping them for you. I would highly recommend to anyone in the Mt. Ida area to stop and visit this store on Hwy 270E. I am definitely planning another trip next year and Larry’s Atlantis Found! will be on my list of must do’s.

  14. Atlantis Found!

    I found some amazing mineral specimens here, and the people are extremely friendly and knowledgeable! I plan on returning as soon as possible. Thank you Larry.

  15. Great Crystals and the most friendly people! Larry is honest and freindly, I would recommend the shop to anyone looking for a fantastic expeience learning about or buying crystals! THANKS!

  16. We had wanted to go to the crystal mines but didn’t have the time so we stopped for gas and saw a shop called Atlantis Found. What a fine! You have to stop and visit with Larry! You want to know anything about crystals, he is your man. Friendly, knowledgeable, and generous with his time and merchandise. We truely had a great time and plan to return. I would advise you to visit Larry first and ask about the mines. You will be sure to have a great time. Thank you Larry for a great Memorial weekend.

  17. without a doubt, the most knowledgable person I have met in the Mt. Ida area. Larry not only knows the crystals, he loves them. It’s obvious that they are not just merchandise to be sold. He painstakingly marks each crystal according to its features, like keys and points. I went to the Mt. Ida area to go on a crystal dig with some friends and my grandson the first weekend of June 2009. If I ever have the opportunity to return to the area, I will visit Larry’s store first. He was kind and generous to all of us and I only wish we had known to ask him where to dig our own BEFORE we dug our own. I highly recommend his shop.

  18. My first time in Mt. Ida and fell in love with the energetic resonance of this area. Synchronisticly found the amazing crystal shop “Atlantis Found.” Larry is the true gem of this shop. I learned more than I thought there was to know about crystals. Larry is gifted in his intuition of crystals, and people. He helped me discover why I truly had come to Mt. Ida when he placed a rock in my hands and introduced me to the healing properties of Variscite, as read by Lea. Thanks again Larry for so generously sharing your wisdom and the awesome abundance within your fine shop! I can hardly wait to return. I will be carrying crystals from Mt. Ida to Mt. Shasta for the 09-09-09 energy activation. How cool is that!

  19. I vacationed with my daughter and 3 grandchildren recently. We found Mr. Larry’s shop and we all loved it. He was the only person we encountered (in a rock shop) who took the time to teach my grandchildren about the rocks & crystals. The nursery next door is incredible as well and exhibits the same genuineness towards visitors. These business and their owners are the best treasures we discovered in the area.

  20. We own/operate Rose Anne’s Cabin in Mt Ida. Larry and Rae are the owners/operators of Atlantis Found Gardens and Gifts. We can personally tell you that they are the most knowledgeable and helpful merchants we know. Our friends and guest tell us they travel miles to the Garden Center and that it is the most well stocked garden center possibly in the state. I have dropped by with a problem and they can tell me how to correct it, whether it be nutrients, disease or pests. Their answers work like magic. Larry is not only a horticulturist but a geologist and is happy to share his knowledge of how rock formations came into being. They are genuine experts and you will find it worth the drive. Mike and Rose Anne Adams

  21. Atlantis Found-a quick stop for a souvenir rock turned into more than an hour stay at this great little shop. My kids were thrilled to look at the great collection of crystals and rocks! The shop attendant took a great deal of time sharing his vast knowledge with us. My husband even left this store with a purchase-now that’s amazing! We will certainly stop here again if we are in the area.

  22. A group of friends and I went on a dig to Gee and Dee’s Mine last weekend (excellent place!!) and visited a few shops on our way out of town. We loved “Atlantis Found!” and noticed that they seemed to have things in every price range. Larry was at the register and was very helpful and just an all around nice guy. I really appreciated the features on each crystal being marked, and the crystals being separated into categories for ease of shopping. I also appreciated the business card sized note with a photo and further description handed out with each stone purchased. I was grateful to be able to look at these later while enjoying my new finds. Do not miss this one!!!

  23. I returned to Mt. Ida after 2 years and again found myself at the wonderful Atlantis Found shop! Larry is a most knowledgeable person and is able to direct you to where to find a room that you will like, good eating places, where to mine and where the action is at the present time, etc. His shop also has about anything you would want to take home. I always find super gift items that are unusual and well received, but you are not pushed into a purchase…. This trip was no exception. Thanks again Larry.

  24. A friend of mine and I visited the Hot Springs/Mount Ida area to scope out what kind of rock shops are available here. Atlantis Found was by far the best shop we found, since we found what we were looking for there and much more. Larry, thank you for making our visit so enjoyable!

  25. What a wonderful adventure to wander through Atlantis Found! There are impressive crystal displays each with information cards to help guide in the selection of the perfect match to our desires. Larry has a world of knowledge that he readily shares. If you don’t see the item you want, just ask and Larry probably has it in hidden away just waiting for you. Thanks, Larry.

  26. Stopped by to look and left after purchasing some items I had been unable to locate at my regular stop for stones.
    This will now be my only stop. Wonderful customer service, and a really nice selection of stones.

  27. On a recent visit to Mt. Ida, our first stop was Atlantis Found. With an amazing selection of quartz, including some metaphysical specimens, this has got to be the best rock shop in the area. Larry the owner is very helpful and was wealth of information about where to mine crystals. We didn’t find a whole lot of prized Arkansas quartz from Miller’s Coleman mine, but hope to return to Mt. Ida soon. If you are looking for quality Ark. quartz, look no further than Atlantis Found. Here you can find some of the best examples of the exquisite quality of Arkansas quartz crystal, for which the area is known. Prices are reasonable and we couldn’t leave without that special little crystal we found. Hope to do business again soon as we are looking forward to stocking our center in NC with Ark. crystal.

  28. My mom and I “accidentally” stopped at Atlantis Found. The owner-Larry was very helpful and made our experience in Mt. Ida one of a kind. I didn’t get to go mining (after driving 5 hours) due to a major sun burn on my knees from canoeing on the Buffalo River, but Larry gave us tons of information about mining and he took a look at my sunburn and he had just the thing that would help me! I was in so much pain-it was probably a second degree burn! He had Ching Wan Hun (a soothing herbal balm) that is known for it’s healing of burns! If my Mom and I wouldn’t have stopped there that day, my knees would not have healed that fast. I am truly grateful for his help! We were guided to the place that we needed to be! The stones/crystals in their shop were beautiful and special! I didn’t get to go mining, but I had such a neat experience at Atlantis Found! That was the only place that we stopped in Mt. Ida and it was the place where we needed to be! Thank you!

  29. I recently enjoyed a trip to Atlantis Found Crystal and Rock Shop, and it was a lot of fun! My boyfriend and I had taken his little sister down to the Diamond Mine in Murphreesboro and the only thing we found was a sunburn! It was a birthday trip going down hill, until we stopped at this adorable little shop! We spent almost an hour walking around and around the shop trying to decide on a good souvenir for everyone. I was very impressed with the service we received, Larry was able to answer every question we had and helped us find some great souvenirs and even some birthday rings for all!! I cant wait to get back to Mount Ida so we can visit this great shop again! I recommend it highly!

  30. Atlantis Found! WOW! What a gem! Larry is one of the nicest, most knowledgable, non pushy, caring people i have ever met! You can really tell this man has a true passion for what he is doing! Every question I had he was able to answer any question i had, I enjoy gems and minerals quite a bit so i greatly enjoyed his passion about the stones. And i was very happy to get home with the delicate crystals and stone still intact! He takes great care in wrapping up all purchases to ensure the items safety! I cannot wait for my family to visit me from south Texas so i can share this great find with them!

  31. The #1 place to stop! If you are looking for some gorgeous crystals Atlantis Found! has museum quality displays. They may not be the “largest” in the area, but Larry is honest and knowledgeable about the area crystals. He took time to answer and explain every question I asked. I felt so comfortable I did not look at other shops. When I got home, I checked the web and felt his prices were better then others in the area. Stop in and see him before you go anyplace else.

  32. Atlantis Found! will be our first, middle and last stop the next time we are in Mount Ida/Hot Springs. We had such a magical time while shopping and visiting with the nicest Gentle-man in Mount Ida that we HIGHLY recommend you stop at Atlantis Found! The gentle-man’s name is Larry and he is such a wonderful and helpful person that we are already planning another trip back to Mount Ida to shop and dig for those amazing Arkansas Quartz Crystals. Thank you, Larry! You have an amazing store.

  33. While on vacation with my wife we went to Mount Ida Ar to see the Crystal area. Our first was Alantis Found, a great crystal, gem and gift shop. The owner Larry Teske is a gem himself. He was very helpful and knowledgeable and friendly. I found everything that I was looking for and had a great time because of Larry. He also gave us directions and a map to different places to look for crystals. I recomend his shop to anyone that plans to go to Mt. Ida.

  34. I visited mt. Ida area a few months ago to relax and dig crystals before returning to west texas to begin an intensive chemotherapy program. Deep into that treatment now, one of my “happy places” i go is Atlantis Found. I sleep with my special crystals beside my bed and find peace in their individual healing properties and beauty. I think when i get well im gonna move to montgomery county.

  35. I just LOVE Atlantis Found crystal shop!! I had such a wonderful experience there in 8-8-2008,that I drove up from Dallas,TX this past Sat.11-12-2011, just to go there again. Larry was just as helpful and wonderful as last time. His store is well worth the time and effort it takes to get there. I would (and do) recommend to everyone who has a love for crystals to go there whenever you find yourselves in Mt. Ida.
    Robin Hamilton
    Dallas, TX

  36. I can not say enough good things about Atlantis Found. I recently had the pleasure of stopping by on a trip through the area, and have stopped every time since. Price, and selection were great, but what won me over was the customer service. The owner is a great help, a wealth of knowledge, and an all around great guy. Shopping there has become an experience, and I dread the fact that I may not have many more trips that way. I do guarantee, that I will always stop in when passing through! Thank you for the experience and for rekindling my love of crystals and minerals, and for lighting the fire of knowledge in the same in my son! I will recommend Atlantis Found to anyone, and everyone!

  37. I enjoyed my stop at this shop. The proprietor was affable and helpful. This shop had the largest collection of quartz crystal clusters that I have seen in one place. Other mineral beings are also on display. I will visit again on my next trip to Arkansas!

  38. This shop is my idea of heaven! It is head and shoulders above the other “touristy” shops in the area. Their collection of large pieces is absolutely stunning and museum quality. Definitely go to see them, because you won’t see anything this nice anywhere else! I first visited here on a trip 7 years ago and I was so impressed at the quality and variety of their crystals and minerals. I returned this past weekend and found it just as great as before. Larry is very helpful and when I explained that I run a non-profit for kids, and was taking them back crystals for a STEM project, he graciously donated some nice specimens to help with our project. Don’t miss a chance to stop here if you are in the area, you will get the nicest time and attention and service that will make you want to return again and again!

  39. My daughter and I stopped by Atlantis Found a couple of weeks ago. So enjoyed speaking with the owner Larry (?). He was so kind and interesting. Spoke about Tyberonne and the crystals and we loved the crystals we brought home. The Colemenite and Wavellite are so cherished. We will return sometime in the near future, I am sure, the next visit we make to Arkansas.

  40. We were in Hot Springs in September, 2015. We visited Larry and Atlantis Found on the second day of our vacation. We stopped at lots of crystal shops in Mount Ida that day, but Larry gave us the BEST prices, the BEST crystals and he was very talkative, friendly and knowledgable.

    Our crystals are beautiful and we are enjoying them SO much. We spent a lot of time in the shop just looking at the large stock of Arkansas quartz. It was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait until our next vacation to do it again!

  41. My wife and I are visiting the area and are from Thompson, Manitoba,
    Canada, we were fortunate enough to visit Larry at Atlantis Found. I bought a wonderful crystal cluster for a great price and Larry gave my wife a nice gift too.. Larry and his store are one of Arkansas true gems

  42. Atlantis found! Larry at Atlantis found was more than kind when showing me his wondrous collection of crystals! Lots of powerful gems and minerals and even more powerful people! Thanks for everything Larry I’ll be back soon! -Tyler

  43. Today I have the pleasure of meeting Larry at Atlantis Found. After browsing all over this crystal and gemstone filled shop Larry brought out so many trays of stones for us to look at in the light. Larry was very nice, and was very reasonable on pricing. Quickly I felt like a kid in the candy shop. Thanks Larry!

  44. I had a lovely time in Mt Ida. Atlantis Found is a lovely shop for crystals and a variety of stones. I would buy from them again.

  45. Julie and Dennis Kincaid own Crystal Seen Trading Company. They are great individuals. I feel I made new friends. Dennis makes jewelry and Julie does chair massage and has other talents in her tool box. They are the home for the Agape crystals. Look forward to seeing them again.

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