Where to eat while here in Montgomery County

Dining on Lake Ouachita

 There are several great places to eat while you visit the county.

Where did you dine, and what did you think about the restaurant.

5 thoughts on “Where to eat while here in Montgomery County

  1. One of our family favorites is the Songbird Restaurant on 27 South. They have a great breakfast, lunch specials and we really enjoy the Friday night catfish buffet. Just make sure to save room for a piece of home made pie…I’m partial to the peanut butter! They also have a meeting room for private parties that can be reserved.

    The Songbird restaurant 870-867-3040.

  2. We had great meals and friendly service every where we went. The Pizza and Subs shop across from ‘the square’ after the concert Saturday night, the Dairyette, Subway, and the Wooden Nickel were all great food at reasonable prices. And if you are heading a little further south, just past Caddo Gap was Roys BBQ. Getting in and out of the parking lot was a little intimidating BUT THE FOOD WAS WORTH IT!!! Absolutely FABULOUS… BBQ (pork, beef, even turkey!), beans (baked or pinto) cole slaw, sweet tea in a quart jar… we could go on and on but it’s just making us hungry again. AND DON’T MISS THE HOME-MADE PIE… especially that one that has to do with chocolate and merangue!!!

  3. The hamburgers and the hand-made peanut butter milk shakes at the Dairyette were the best we have ever eaten!! It is good to know that there are still home-town friendly places like this left in America, where it seems that chain food restaurants have taken replaced the owner-operated local eateries.

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