Crystal Digging in Montgomery Country, Arkansas

Crystal Mining - Wide Angle

Wide angle view of one of the active quartz crystal mines 

There are many quartz crystal mines here in Montgomery County that allow visitors to mine. Most crystal mines charge by the day or ½ day and allow you to keep everything that you find. These mines are in very rural areas and for the most part are lacking facilities.  You will need to bring something to eat and drink and be sure to dress appropriately. You may want to bring your own digging tools and something to carry your newly found crystals home in.

If you are not so adventurous, quartz crystals can be purchased from the local rock shops that line the major highways in the county. Many people believe in the healing power of the “quartz crystal rocks” and Montgomery Country is a wonderful source. Montgomery County is located West of Hot Springs on Highway 270 East. If you visit Hot Springs, be sure to detour and visit us.